Premium US Review of Books Review of Walking in Love:Why and How? reviewed by Carol Anderson, DMin, ACSW

“Suppose the creation is designed for us to look to the nonvisible reality within us and without us (which some call God) to complete us, to provide the wisdom, strength, and goodness that we lack.”

In a book of 68 pages, the author, a former lay minister in an Episcopal church, outlines a path utilizing Christian thought in order to develop a spirituality of love. It explores how we are angry at God and how we need to develop our own inner spirituality with self and with the community. This is accomplished by examining Judaism and Christianity through scripture, then by exploring the importance of Jesus as God incarnated. In this manner, we are then able to walk with the Lord on a path of righteousness, peace, love, and joy. The rest of the book focuses on four core beliefs: God is good; God communicates with us; love is our calling; choosing life over death. In this examination, the author utilizes the story method, especially her own story of trauma and growth.

Miller’s book embraces the teachings of righteousness and how to develop into a higher form of belief and spirituality by walking the path of letting go of the anger towards God and reaching our higher goodness. The premise that everyone is angry at God “for making us the imperfect creatures that we are” is a unique idea in the work. While the author presents her view clearly, it is one that may come across as new and perhaps even controversial with some readers. Others, though, may find this message to be exactly what is needed. The examination of the four core beliefs is the most powerful aspect of the book. It is an easy read with its basic views explained and offers scripture to aid in one’s path. Meanwhile, the stories help make it more personal for the reader.

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