Pacific Book Review of Walking in Love: Why and How? reviewed by Rae Capri

One of the most important things given to us, aside from the gift of life, is the gift of love and to love. The creation of God’s children was to have humankind take after the characteristic traits in His image. Not only are looks blessed upon us, but the capacity to embrace each other in the strongest emotion because God is love. Can you imagine a world where love is not an answer or the conqueror of all things? We might have a sense of the idea, but we would prefer to fix the current world and improve it to be a more spiritual-based planet. God’s love that he gave to His most prized creation is the key ingredient to our lives. With this gift, we can share it with everyone else, while at the same time being available to people in need of remarkable love. When we do more as good people should, we will slowly develop a better world for us all.

In Walking in Love: Why and How, author Suzanne Miller discusses with her readers on what the walking in love is, and why it’s imperative for our spiritual growth. God, our Father, instilled the ability to love each other as ourselves, but somehow, we’ve fallen short and lost sight of that. His love is special that nothing else can ever compare, even though he wants nothing more than for us to do two things amongst our walk alongside him, which is to keep the commandments and love others just like Him. The reason why we must walk in God’s love is easier to understand than how, because most have a difficult time perceiving the same as the next person.

Suzanne mentions we are not without sin, but can grow to be perfect in the translated word for complete by being joyful in our lives. The four building blocks included in this book are easy tasks that anyone can uphold with minimal effort. By expanding our beliefs on a personal level to these building blocks, we can build a stronger relationship with God and each other. The author provided an example to demonstrate her case, which offered clarity in knowing we can always ask God for whatever we want if it doesn’t harm us or anyone else. As a reader, Suzanne has taken extra care in informing her readers in bite-size amounts for easy comprehension of this spiritual matter.

The highlight of this book is joy. With joy, we can give and receive a limitless love. When the author pointed out that, “Without love, there is unredeemed and unhealed hurt,” it conveys a good saying of “All we need is love.” Love has been a choice we can offer at our free will, even if we don’t know it. There is no force ensuring we use love because it wouldn’t be natural. The other stories the author mentioned ties the entire book together well.

I enjoyed reading the pages in this book as it radiates an abundance of kindness, understanding, love, and compassion to whoever is the reader. I can feel the joy through the author’s words at how happy and free she is in all aspects of her life. A life’s goal everyone should aim to develop is the possession of not living a moment in fear or stress. Personal growth is never-ending as long as one strives to continue living. An intriguing thing mentioned by Suzanne was to always choose life over death. Each of us has our journey of obstacles to endure, but the willingness to survive is a beautiful thing. The example when Suzanne brought home a new puppy, the love it felt was cross- species in the human family because the love from another was enough to step in for the detachment of his mother’s love. What amazing creatures we live amongst, which goes to show that every human and living thing is capable of loving and feeling loved. Now, when I look at animals, I will view them from a new perspective. It is similar to discovering that elephants think humans are cute, as humans think of puppies.

This book encourages everyone to think twice when encountering another person as we must act as children of God and express such love to each other. I highly recommend this book, as the takeaway message would be beneficial to everyone.

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