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Confused about Racism in America and how it developed? Have Gaps in Your Understanding of American History? Here’s a Book That Provides Unbiased, Documented Information On This Important Topic

 This book aims to provide information that will assist the reader in identifying and clearing away from their mind non-essential issues so they can focus on addressing and resolving the critical issues that are driving the situation.

What makes the author qualified to write on this subject?

She has a rare, deeply relevant personal perspective. Her ethnic mix is White English/Scot/American Aristocracy/English Quaker, White Scot Prisoner of War, West African Black and Indigenous American. This heritage is well documented in the book. She tells the stories of individual ancestors who lived through major events in the Country’s development, in which they were involved or affected.

“I Am An American: Is America Racist?”

Available as an e-Book (ISBN 2940165649776) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple books. in softcover at Amazon  (ISBN:9781737848301)

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