Spirituality 101 – Relating to Non-visible Reality: A Handbook for Seekers of the Good Life

Religion without nonsense. A handbook for seekers. This book melds the best of current scholarship in religion, psychology, history, medicine and science into a life-enriching perspective for today’s spiritual person. It gives you the information and shows you how to choose your own path for life-enhancing spirituality. Spirituality 101 is written by a person who has walked that walk and prospered.


Spirituality 202: Walking in the Light of Experience

Early Christianity unraveled! It peels away the dust of the centuries to reveal a robust spirituality, grounded in clear thinking and personal experience. It is compatible with modern science and free from superstition, while retaining a sense of the mysterious.




Walking in Love: Why and How?

Walking in Love: Why and How? presents and explains a simple process for overcoming our human limitations on wisdom and strength and fulfilling our potential to love. It is totally consistent with Christian scripture but free from dogma. It uses, instead, the personal confirming experience of the reader and a core understanding of the spirituality common to all human beings as the source of authority. This book builds on and puts the cap on the messages of the author’s previous two books, Spirituality 101 and Spirituality 202.