Midwest Book Review of “Walking in Love: Why and How?” (vol. 29, No. 9, Christian Studies, Sept. 2020)

Synopsis: “Walking in Love: Why and How?” by Suzanne Miller presents and explains a simple process for overcoming our human limitations on wisdom and strength and fulfilling our potential to love.

Totally consistent with Christian scripture but free from dogma, “Walking in Love: Why and How?” uses the personal confirming experience of the reader and a core understanding of the spirituality common to all human beings as the source of authority.

“Walking in Love: Why and How?” builds on and puts the cap on the messages of the author Susan Miller’s previous two books, “Spirituality 101” and “Spirituality 202”.

Critique: Inspired and inspiring, “Walking in Love: Why and How?” is thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in organization and presentation. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, “Walking in Love: Why and How?” will prove to be a welcome and appreciated addition to the personal reading lists of all dedicated Christians regardless of denominational affiliations. It should be noted for seminary students, clergy, and lay members of the Christian community that “Walking in Love: Why and How?” is also readily available in a paperback editions (9781532094644, $10.99).

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